ReplicaSet host unreachable

Hello, I still have this issue. I narrowed it down and it seems that the operator can’t recover the cluster once it starts the smart update. Can this update be disabled and how it detects that statefulset is not up to date?
So when this happens, 2 psmdb-cfg pods are restarted and the third one is not (age is different), also all of the 3 mongos pods are displaying readiness error

When I delete the third cfg pod, operator continues to restart rs0 pods one by one and mongos one by one. It seems to me it start restarting cfg pods and it fails on the third one, once I delete that one and is recreated, operator continues restarting the rest of the psmdb pods. Please check the attached log and help me fix this issue if possible. Thank you

psmdb-operator-6f9bf9585c-4xnpc.log (54.3 KB)