Pgbouncer not finding cluster1-primary

For anyone who stumbles upon this thread… a clever hack was suggested by Slavisa_Milojkovic for question 1. Why would the Operator inject the URI: pg-cluster1-primary into pgbouncer but not set an IP for it in the service resource? Should the pg-cluster1-primary service have an IP?

You can create a coreDNS rewrite rule that forces requests for the IP for cluster1-primary to to cluster1-ha… See here: Custom DNS Entries For Kubernetes

Fore more info, see here: Pgbouncer server DNS lookup failed - PostgreSQL - Percona Community Forum

Also note that pgbouncer as rolled out here WILL NOT bounce to SUPERUSERs.

I have checked here, on the CrunchyData forum and elsewhere on the internet but there is still no real solution or a reason why cluster1-primary does not have an IP address. Percona… what do you have to say?

Question 2. What is the correct syntax for configuration entries in spec.proxy.pgBouncer.config.databases? is still open and something that I would like to know how to do.

A related question 3. What is the correct syntax for configuration entries in spec.proxy.pgBouncer.config.users? Apparently we can create lists of users here too but there are no usable examples.

Come on Percona… a little help would be great!

For now, I need to move on to other things… A week is already more time than I have to spend on this.