mysql error and can't get in winmysqladmin

Dear mysql,
I downloaded the mysql 6.0. And i can’t go to the winmysqladmin - the
administration page. how come
Please help
I attach the dump screenshot and you can understand
And there is no host as well, i then wish to setup my database and
import one database from my webhosting company.
But there is no interfere such as winmysqladmin for me to do
Please help

my email:

According to the mysql documentation windows one package comes with self installer. Did You get this one ? Or You downloaded self extracting version without installation wizard ?

There are three download
Windows Essentials (x86)
Windows ZIP/Setup.EXE (x86)
Without installer (unzip in C:)
What will be the right one? As you mentioned the one package comes with self installer. Therby, which one should i choose and what is the URL?
i need a mysqladmin for windows interfere to insert all there the database name, create database, ports, login and password,
and remote access to MySQL. Please instruct

Mr. jimss

Windows ZIP/Setup.EXE should contain everything that is needed

After installation winmysqladmin will be accessible from windows command line: c:{mysql}\bin\winmysqladmin (where {mysql} is a directory where You installed it). It should be on Your disk right now, so You could look for it. If yes, then all You need to do is run it from windows command line, not from mysql command line. Sometimes winmysqladmin demands proper settings inside my.ini




This should do the trick (just enter Your mysql root's user name and password)

Dear januzi,
Yes, indeed, i installed the mysql 6.0 with the correct windows ZIP/setup.exe one and installed with from the wizard.
Then i go to c:\program files\Mysql\bin\winmysqladmin
I typed this command on the windows and run this winmysqladmin
with correct path. But nothing show up or display on the screen of my windows 2003
Should i go to config the my.ini
Please hints and why it nevers come out with the winmysqladmin
even I installed success, on the services of the windows, it is running. But nothing show up.

thanks to let me know.
Mr. jimss

try to run winmysqladmin from command line, eg:
start - run - cmd
You will get:
c:\documents and settings\blah\blah


cd c:\program files\mysql\bin

(note that program files could be program~1 or something simmilar - You can always type [B]dir[/B] and check directory name)

After You press enter You should see something in console (error message, or at least some kind of message - “Could not run winmysqladmin, … missing” etc). You could also check command


winmysqladmin -u root -p

(and like mysql console it should ask for the password)

I think that mysql console could do the same like winmysqladmin, You could use it with:


mysql -u root -p < filename.sql

and everything from filename.sql should get inside database. One problem is that inside filename.sql You should enter

use database_name ;

or add -D database (or it was -d database ?) {windows applications should print their help with command [B]application.exe /?[/B]}

And for the databases, You could create them from mysql console.

Thanks for your prompt reply. I finally download the MySQL Administrator
Then i go to new connection. Just have a simply question, if i want to host
everything included database and webstore.

I can see the connections > new connection

  1. What will be the parameter for ‘stored connection’?
  2. For ‘Server Host’, is this just simply the computer name as well?
  3. For username and password, is it just same as the MySQL wizard after i click
    the setup.exe of Windows ZIP/setup.exe let say MySQL 5.1 as well?
  4. If i want to create a database name ie. qgame-qdb
    and the database that is already existed in my current webhosting company, i
    then export the database and how it import back the MySQL 5.1 through the MySQL
    Administrator User Interfere?

Please instruct.
Please help


  1. no idea
  2. localhost or host name connected to Your ip ( => localhost)
  3. yes, but You should add few users with less privileges (connected to specific databases)
  4. never did that

Dear all,
How are you? merry x’mas? I do installed the gui format of winmysqladmin,
it allowed me to have new connection host name and username password, i get it
and click on the restore on the mysql admin
I tried to restore from the .sql file but can’t success and unable to retrieve
based on os commerce >admin>backups>xxx.sql file. How about if i go to
Ensim pro of lunix one to export the database of sql file and restore at
winmysqladmin. Might it able to do it like this to retrieve the database

thanks to let me know


You could use mysql.exe to import tables


mysql -u nick -p < file.sql

(mysql will ask You for password)

You should see errors (if any) or after a while you will see c:\mysql\bin\ (it will mean that everything went ok)