GLIBC versoin for XtraBackup

Hi @brucehvn

Your question is similar to the ones we have heard in the recent past.

Short answer is that we build the generic tarballs in such a way that they fit the most operating systems and for that reason we use the oldest suitable glibc, which happens to be glibc2.17.

The possible workarounds for this are as follows:

  1. Use the packages created specifically for operating systems. This way the glibc version used for compilation are likley to be more modern versions.
  2. Compile the software on your end. I understand that this might be tricky to pull off.
  3. Have Percona release tarballs which are not generic, but created specifically for operating systems and versions. While we are not doing it now, we are considering creating such downloads. I do not have ETA at this point in time.

May I ask why you decided to use the generic tarballs instead of rpm packages? If you prefer, I’ll be happy to jump on a quick call to discuss this more conveniently.

For a reference, here are two other threads with similar requests:

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