Running Multiple xtrabackup Instances Concurrently

We have noticed that when we run a backup using the --rsync option, xtrabackup records the following log message…

Starting rsync as: rsync -t . --files-from=/tmp/xtrabackup_rsyncfiles_pass2 /xb.nfs/store50b/site000/base/

Is there a way to specify a unique location for the xtrabackup_rsyncfiles_pass1 and xtrabackup_rsyncfiles_pass2 files? Otherwise, how do we run multiple instances of xtrabackup at the same time without them stepping on each other?

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Hi @geek_prophet .

Running a backup is a costly IO operation, we highly advise you to not run multiple backups at the same time.
However, if you have multiple instances on the same box (The reason I imagine you want to run multiple backups at the same time), those instances cannot share the same tmpdir, on your my.cnf you will have to specify a saparate tmpdir for each. For rsync backup you will do the same:

xtrabackup --backup --rsync --target-dir=/backup/site001--tmpdir=/tmp/site001
xtrabackup --backup --rsync --target-dir=/backup/site002--tmpdir=/tmp/site002

This way you will have separate rsync files at /tmp/site001/xtrabackup_rsyncfiles_pass1 and /tmp/site002/xtrabackup_rsyncfiles_pass1

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The xtrabackup man page says…

This option is currently not used for anything except printing out the correct tmpdir parameter when xtrabackup --print-param is used.

Does it actually tell rsync where to put its temporary files?

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