Reading Group on Paxos & Community Updates

Hi everyone!

We have a reading group today and thought we’d give you a few updates. We have recently merged several of your pull requests and are working through all of them - let us know if you’re still waiting on your PR to be reviewed and we’ll try and process it faster.

We have also created a Discord server which is where the reading group takes place. A first community meeting about PMM and/or Operators will also happen there as an easy place to drop in. You have the option of just chatting or also joining via voice and making yourself heard.

So what’s with the reading group?

Google calendar event (14 April, 16:30 CEST)

Percona Community Discord (voice channel and #reading channel for chat)

Paxos Made Simple

  • Talk about the paper (was it a good/bad) read?
  • Talk about popular and maybe obscure applications of distributed consensus
  • Your stories around this topic if you have any you’d like to share

You’re very welcome to join us and also discuss with others what you’d like to see next, either for a reading group or for a community meeting on Percona software you’re using.

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