PMM and proxysql : SQLITE error: UNIQUE constraint failed


I’m using PMM to monitor my percona xtradb cluster in coordination with proxysql.
This tools are working pretty good but i noticed several warning when I start pmm proxysql metrics.

I have a lot of :

2017-10-17 13:55:58 sqlite3db.cpp:60:execute(): [ERROR] SQLITE error: UNIQUE constraint failed: stats_mysql_global.Variable_Name — INSERT INTO stats_mysql_global VALUES (“Com_autocommit_filtered”,“12583”)
2017-10-16 07:08:22 sqlite3db.cpp:60:execute(): [ERROR] SQLITE error: attempt to write a readonly database — DELETE FROM stats_mysql_global

I looks like proxysql_exporter or something is trying to write several times the same thing.
I wonder if someone as already faced the same issue.

Martinho MOREIRA

proxysql_exporter itself does not write anything, it only reads metrics from ProxySQL.
What version of ProxySQL do you use?