Increse in failed attempts after change in parameters


we have linux , mysql 5.0 with php scripts.

Yestarday evening we changed the parameters in worker MPM to 100 from the default 256 and increased the key_buffer_size to 48M from 8M.

The number of failed attempts have increased when I see in the console.

When we hit the webpages , it throws an error " typo 3 Database Error The username , password or host was not accepted when the connection to the database was attempted or established "

But when we hit refresh immediately it loads.

Can this also occur due to slow network

Wondering what I have to do…

Any help please.


Is your max_connections in mysql 256 or more?

The failed attempts are stable , but the aborted number is increasing rapidly.

The max_connections in mysql is more than 256…around 350