How to get pt-kill working?

Hello, I have installed the latest version of percona mysql server and percona-toolkit on a redhat 6 server. I would like to use the toolkit pt-kill utility to automatically kill queries that’re running too long but so far am having trouble getting it to do so. I currently have it running with:

perl /usr/bin/pt-kill localhost —daemonize --busy-time 4 --kill --log /tmp/killed --ignore-command .DBWATCHER_IMMUNITY. --execute-command /etc/zabbix/externalscripts/

For testing purposes, but just ran a query that was 12 seconds long and pt-kill did not catch it and kill it. Is the order of parameters incorrect or…?


Did you verify that pt-kill was running in the background? And is there any output in the log?

Your daemonize command has a Microsoft-ish hyphen in front of it, which could be a problem if that is what your actual command looks like (may just be when you copied it here though).

Hello yes it is running (and that hyphen was autocorrect sorry):

root 28402 0.2 0.4 203824 17552 ? S Oct29 7:02 perl /usr/bin/pt-kill localhost —daemonize --busy-time 4 --kill --log /tmp/killed --ignore-command .DBWATCHER_IMMUNITY. --execute-command /etc/zabbix/externalscripts/

Thanks for your help, any idea what I could possibly be missing? Nothing in the log surprisingly.