Connection throughput limited

Hi Experts,

I have used MySQL 5.7 and 8 and am facing a limit on connection throughput. I am doing a select on a large table. However the data is not coming out at a higher throughput rate than ~20MB/s. I have to open an additional connection to raise it. E.g. 1 connection ~20MB/s, 2 connections 40MB/s, 3 connection ~60MB/s.

So basically the server has no limitations since it can clearly support a higher throughput, however I am not able to utilize it over a single connection, which would not be to strange to ask.

I must seem familiar to some of you. Any ideas on where to go in terms of MySQL configuration settings would be very helpful.

Kind regards,

Dave Hoogendoorn

If you get your answer then please notify me also. I have a similar kind of issues.