clustercheck and using login-path

I am using following clustercheck script.

I tried to use mysql --login-path syntax so that username and password is not passed as clear text.
script works fine when I run from command line but when same script when configured thru xinet.d/mysqlchk , it does not work.
After debugging ,I have found that --login-path is not working.
I have configured login-path using mysql_config_editor and everything looks fine.

In clustercheck script, we simply put mysql_config_editor print --all >/tmp/login_Path.log and it does not print any thing.

In xinet.d/mysqlchk is run as root and as I have said if I run clustercheck script on command line, I see expected results. Have any one tried using login-path yet ?

Appreciate your response.



Could we see the commands ran successfully on the command line along with the current configurations for xinetd.

With the log, it may also be wise to write in append mode.

Thank You,
Blair Page