Backup size and objects almost double overday without change on filesystem


I discovered a few weeks ago the backup almost double in one day

On the server I don’t observe such increase (number of files or size).
Developers doesn’t remember any possible action what lead to such change.

Backup details

  • xtrabackup 2.4.24
  • destination openstack object storage (but using the s3 protocol because less buggy) using xbcloud
  • encrypted

Is there a way I could compare two backups to get a lead to explain what happened, or I’m looking for any advice for troubleshooting this.


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Hi @Baptiste_Mille-Mathi , welcome back to the Percona forums! Apologies for not responding to your question for two weeks now :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

Yes, there is in fact a feature to review the statistics of teh backup which I suppose you could run against both backups, send the stats to disk, and do a diff on the files to identify the differences. Have a look at xtrabackup --stats at Analyzing Table Statistics - Percona XtraBackup

Also you may want to deploy PMM as it includes a dashboard called MySQL Table Details where a graph displays the size of your database over time, which might help explain the growth in backup size. And if you’re running Percona Server for MySQL then you can leverage the userstat variable in order to see individual table activity (changes) and thus have a better handle on the growth activity of your schema. I hope this helps!

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Hi @Michael_Coburn

Thanks for the answer