Adding external HAProxy instance to PMM via pmm-admin


I have an HAProxy instance running on a host different than the one running my PMM client. Is there a way to add this to PMM, other than manually adding a service via the PMM web GUI? I looked into the code for pmm-admin and it seems like it assumes that my HAProxy instance is always on localhost:${port}.

Hi @atetreault,

Yes, it’s possible, but will require to run 2 commands:

  1. to add remote node you need to run inventory add node remote --address= [Node Name]
  2. run usual pmm-admin add haproxy command with 2 extra flags --node-id=[Value from previous command] and --metrics-mode=“pull”

Hey Nurlan, thanks for the response.

Is the ability to do this from the client itself with push mode planned? I currently deploy pmm-client as its own pod using helm and would like to be able to register the haproxy instances with my postgres instances all from within the pmm-client pod.