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scheduler manager for controlling the backup jobs and displaying something to customers

tollandtolland EntrantInactive User Role Beginner
I am using xtrabackup/innobackupex as the first stage of an offsite backup process, which then moves the archive into offsite cloud storage.

Basically following steps that involve a series of discrete jobs, each long running, and often requiring to display the information to some semi-technical end client.

It would be handy to have some central job scheduling tool that wraps up cron, and a reporting function and dumps this onto a web page.

Previously I was using tools like bacula and HP Dataprotector which handled the scheduling and reporting functions, and really the mysql backup was included almost amusingly as a one-liner command pre-backup hook.

However now my customers have got rid of their tape libraries, I am looking for something more orientated towards generalized cloud/REST/rsync types batch.

any suggestions?

(ps I know there are 1000s of softwares that do this, and much more, and cron and nagios would probably get me 60% of the way there, but I am interested at any suggestions that specifically include xtrabackup and cloud storage.)


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