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Export/Import Table

prisonerprisoner EntrantInactive User Role Beginner
I've been carefully following all the directions here for exporting and importing a table /exporting_importing_tables.html

And I've been running into a problem. I'm getting Error 1030, not during the "alter table discard tablespace" but during the "alter table import tablespace" step. I also have INNODB_FILE_PER_TABLE enabled on both servers before I start and the table I'm exporting was create with FILE_PER_TABLE on. Mysql owns all the files in the datadir.

I'm using Percona-Server v5.5.13 on both the server I'm exporting the table from and the server I'm trying to import the table on. Also I'm using Xtrabackup v1.6.3.

the create statement for the table I'm trying to export looks like this:
CREATE TABLE `testtable` ( `a` int(10) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `b` varchar(100) DEFAULT NULL, `c` varchar(100) DEFAULT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (`a`) ) ENGINE=InnoDB AUTO_INCREMENT=372 DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8;

If anyone has any ideas about what I'm doing wrong, I'd be greatful to hear them.


  • prisonerprisoner Entrant Inactive User Role Beginner
    Solved own problem, needed innodb_import_table_from_xtrabackup set to 1.
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