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Oracle and future MySQL community versions

rainefanrainefan EntrantInactive User Role Participant
Hi, i would like to know what impressions do you have on this article

The most alarming quote is "By doubling down on InnoDB, though, Oracle will not work to ensure such perform gains make it into the the community code for MySQL and other engines - such as Falcon, started by MySQL after Oracle bought InnoDB. Falcon was started to provide an independent alternative to InnoDB."

I'm scared! What do you think all about this?



  • rainefanrainefan Entrant Inactive User Role Participant
    Found a interesting link from a commitment (9 months ago):

    "4. Commitment to enhance MySQL in the future under the GPL. Oracle promises to enhance MySQL, including version 6, under the GPL. Oracle won't update MySQL Enterprise Edition without also updating MySQL Community Edition and will make the source code of Community Edition available to the public at no charge."
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