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what's the fastest way to restore a large mysql database?

iberkneriberkner ContributorInactive User Role Advisor
Hi All,

mysqldump generates a file that is about 3GB for us. Dumping that data back into mysql looks like a 10+ hour process.

Is there a better way?

Can one just "grab" the mysql data store and move it?

is mysqldump the only way?


  • yogesh77yogesh77 Contributor Inactive User Role Advisor
    use innodb hot backup for innodb storage engine
    for myISAM you can copy data files for backup.
  • iberkneriberkner Contributor Inactive User Role Advisor
    Thanks, I will look into that. I think what we'll end up doing is use a combination of mysqldump with --ignore-table for large tables that we don't need in testing and use mysqldump with --where clause for the same large tables to limit the number of records that get loaded.
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