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Hi again..
I'm trying to do this this kind of backup making full and differentials using this link 
so.. if I do 
ssh [email protected] “( nc -l 9999 > /data/backups/backup.xbstream & )” && xtrabackup –backup –stream=xbstream ./ | nc desthost 9999
works very good! for full....
but if I do differentials. I need the xtrabackup_checkpoint wich is inside of backup.xbstream.
so my question is: How can I get that file from the binary "backup.xbstream" without extract all things. ???
or make a copy of that file BEFORE it go to into binary file.

I need that file to get the information of Log Sequencer Number in order to create the new differential backup 
thanks for your support.

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  • baph0m3tbaph0m3t Current User Role Contributor
    Thanks ... for the info.
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