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Configure mail alerts via Grafana => PMM2 DOCKER installation => Google Cloud

I am planning to install pmm-server on a Google compute instance via docker and want to configure PMM2 for my database which is hosted in cloudsql instance [mysql/postgresql] 
In such scenario how can i configure alerts and mail notifications using Grafana
When i am trying to do the same i am getting error Cannot Send mail notification 
Have tried all the things which is posted in the following link
Don't we have detailed documentation on the same 



  • steve.hoffmansteve.hoffman Percona Percona Staff Role
    Oddly enough...I just finished a blog post that I've not yet released but if you want I'll PM it to you and you can verify it works for you and I'll then release it to the world or incorporate any changes you notice.  
  • phani111phani111 Current User Role Contributor
    edited July 2
    Hi Steve,
    Thanks for that , I would love to try it 
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