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Perfmance benefits of migrating to Percona cluster over single MySQL instance

karl123karl123 EntrantCurrent User Role Novice
Hi, a somewhat Newbie question... What performance improvements can I expect if I migrate a MySQL 5.7 instance running on a single machine to a XtraDB cluster with 3 nodes running (assuming the same hardware and OS etc as the single instance).

I ask as I want to work out if moving to a cluster is a going to improve the performance of the DB and in what way. Presumably I will be able to have more concurrent connections... but how many more? What is the overhead of running a cluster? Will individual queries be quicker/slower?

I would be setting this up in an AWS EC2 environment... so network latency should hopefully be minimal...

Any hints, experiences etc would be appreciated...




  • steven Linsteven Lin Contributor Current User Role Contributor
    XtraDB cluster will not increase your database performance.
    Actually, It provides High Availability and scalability.
    And it 's better to have a Proxysql or Maxscale to work with your XtraDB cluster.
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