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Does xbcloud have any plans to support "storage_class" option?

rluisrrluisr EntrantCurrent User Role Novice
Does xbcloud have any plans to support "storage_class" option?


  • lorraine.pocklingtonlorraine.pocklington Percona Community Manager Legacy User Role Patron
    Hi rluisr
    Thanks for your question.
    Currently we're only supporting Swift and please note too that xbcloud is in its alpha phase. Please don't rely on it as your only means of backup, as it's not production ready. I'm sure you realize that, but I have to be sure to point it out. :)
    If you would like to input to the product development to encourage support for storage_class, the best thing would be to create a JIRA request at
    That way, the engineering teams will recognize the request and you will be able to follow progress/receive feedback about it.
  • rluisrrluisr Entrant Current User Role Novice
    Hi lorraaine.

    yeah I know that xbcloud is beta but use it on production and working perfectly.

    thanks link!
  • vinicius.grippavinicius.grippa Percona Percona Staff Role
    Hi rluisr,

    Please accept my apologies. I sent to Lorraine the documentation of Percona Xtrabackup 2.3 which is not the latest release. In Percona Xtrabackup 2.4, the xbcloud is production ready and support more storage class types:

    Let me quote here:
    • 2.4.14 - Added the support of Amazon S3, MinIO and Google Cloud Storage storage types.

    In addition to Swift, which has been the only option for storing backups in a cloud storage until Percona XtraBackup 2.4.14, xbcloud supports Amazon S3, MinIO, and Google Cloud Storage. Other Amazon S3 compatible storages, such as Wasabi or Digital Ocean Spaces, are also supported.

    And if you want to know more about PXB 8.0:

    Please let me know if this is what you have been searching for.

    Have a great weekend.
  • rluisrrluisr Entrant Current User Role Novice
    hi vinicius.

    storage_class means s3 storage_class.

    xbcloud does not support it with --storage=s3 currently.

    I will submit a request on JIRA.
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