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How to enable the METRICS_RESOLUTION=5s

How enable the METRICS_RESOLUTION=5s without recreate the container

we run the command # docker run -e METRICS_RESOLUTION=5s
"docker run" requires at least 1 argument.
See 'docker run --help'.

Usage: docker run [OPTIONS] IMAGE [COMMAND] [ARG...]

Run a command in a new container

Please advice how to fix the issue


  • Michael CoburnMichael Coburn Principal Architect, Percona Percona Staff Role
    Hi Vishwanath Kristappa

    We don't currently support a way to modify METRICS_RESOLUTION for a running container. You need to stop the container, and start it again with the desired option.
  • Vishwanath KristappaVishwanath Kristappa Contributor Current User Role Contributor
    1st taken backup of the pmm-server backup

    docker stop pmm-server

    docker rename pmm-server pmm-server-backup

    then run the command create new

    docker create \
    -e METRICS_MEMORY=25165824 \
    -e metrics_resolution=5s \
    -v /opt/prometheus/data \
    -v /opt/consul-data \
    -v /var/lib/mysql \
    -v /var/lib/grafana \
    --name pmm-data \
    percona/pmm-server:1.5.3 /bin/true

    but all monitoring host missing

    then roll back
    docker rename pmm-server-backup pmm-server

    docker start pmm-server
    now we able to see all hosts

    any tips to fix the issue using metrics_resolution=5s \ pls share the steps
  • Vishwanath KristappaVishwanath Kristappa Contributor Current User Role Contributor
    Please share the tips to fix the metrics_resolution=5s
  • IMPIMP Percona Percona Staff Role

    what you need to do, is to recreate pmm-server container, not pmm-data. pmm-data container, which contains all the data, should be immutable.

    Please do the following.
    0. Take a backup of pmm-data.
    1. Stop pmm-server container
    # docker stop pmm-server
    2. Rename it, because it's better to be safe, than sorry:
    # docker rename pmm-server pmm-server-old

    3. Create a new pmm-server container linked with pmm-data
    # docker run -d \
       -p 80:80 \
       --volumes-from pmm-data \
       --name pmm-server \
       --restart always \
       -e METRICS_MEMORY=25165824 \
       -e METRICS_RETENTION=192h \
       -e metrics_resolution=5s \
    4. Double check if everything's working as expected. If so, delete the pmm-server-old container. Note, that you are using rather an old version of PMM. You should consider upgrading it to the recent, which for now is 1.17.1.

    Best, IMP
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