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Cluster live, connecting through proxySQL doesn't work randomly

xkatmaixkatmai EntrantCurrent User Role Supporter
So i have got an issue over here.

I have proxysql and a 3-way singlewrite cluster. We have about 6 apps connecting to the db using the same user.

7th app, using the same credentials doesn't connect to proxysql using the same credentials.

i am a bit at a loss. did anyone experience such a thing?



  • SebastianGSebastianG Contributor Current User Role Contributor
    Not quite sure what to say but it looks like might be related to ProxySQL, I bet that if you're trying to connect 7th App straight to one of the nodes it works.

    (I haven't used ProxySQL for a while to be fair) but are you sure you're not hitting any ProxySQL limit like sessions or something similar?

    What ProxySQL logs are saying?

    Is that specific MySQL username tight to @'some_ip_address/subnet' that's not allowed?
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