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infinite "log scanned up to" on backup

FuturewebFutureweb ContributorCurrent User Role Beginner
I got something suspicious with my backups. They were ok for several years now - but the last weeks they gone mad. Instead of finishing within ~30 Minutes - they run over 24 Hours now with hundred-thousands of those Messages:

181114 05:07:57 Starting prep copy of non-InnoDB tables and files
181114 05:07:57 Starting rsync as: rsync -t . --files-from=/tmp/xtrabackup_rsyncfiles_pass1 /backup/daten/mysql-0/innobackupex/
181114 05:07:58 rsync finished successfully.
181114 05:07:58 Finished a prep copy of non-InnoDB tables and files
181114 05:07:58 Executing FLUSH NO_WRITE_TO_BINLOG TABLES...
181114 09:29:44 >> log scanned up to (28955061797012)
181114 09:29:45 >> log scanned up to (28955061797012)
181114 09:29:46 >> log scanned up to (28955061797012)
181114 09:29:47 >> log scanned up to (28955061797012)
181114 09:29:48 >> log scanned up to (28955061797012)

Can't find what's causing this Problem ... maybe one of you got an idea? ;-)

MariaDB 10.1.35 on Centos 7.5.1804:
Using server version 10.1.35-MariaDB
innobackupex version 2.3.10 based on MySQL server 5.6.24 Linux (x86_64) (revision id: bd0d4403f36)

thx, bye from Austria
Andreas Schnederle-Wagner


  • professortrexprofessortrex Entrant Current User Role Novice
    I had the same issue last night. Normally, the "Executing FLUSH NO_WRITE_TO_BINLOG TABLES" command finishes in <1s, last night it ran for 3 hours until manual abort. It printed out the "log scanned up to ()" lines.
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