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xtrabackup 8.0.4 prepare fails with Linux OS errors

cbergcberg EntrantCurrent User Role Beginner

When trying to build a cluster, the prepare of the backup target-dir is failing with OS errors. More details below:

Contents of xtrabackup_info:

tool_version = 8.0.4
ibbackup_version = 8.0.4
server_version = 8.0.13-4
start_time = 2019-02-27 16:40:44
end_time = 2019-02-27 16:41:56
lock_time = 0
binlog_pos = filename 'mysql1-dba-bin.000023', position '155'
innodb_from_lsn = 0
innodb_to_lsn = 99454905066
partial = N
incremental = N
format = file
compressed = N
encrypted = N

strace output snippet where OS messages are displayed:

fcntl(3, F_SETLK, {l_type=F_WRLCK, l_whence=SEEK_SET, l_start=0, l_len=0}) = -1 EIO (Input/output error)
write(2, "Unable to lock ./xtrabackup_logf"..., 45Unable to lock ./xtrabackup_logfile error: 5
) = 45
close(3) = 0
write(2, "Operating system error number 5 "..., 53Operating system error number 5 in a file operation.
) = 53
write(2, "Error number 5 means 'Input/outp"..., 42Error number 5 means 'Input/output error'
) = 42
write(2, "Some operating system error numb"..., 126Some operating system error numbers are described at
) = 126
write(2, "xtrabackup: Warning: cannot open"..., 73xtrabackup: Warning: cannot open ./xtrabackup_logfile. will try to find.
) = 73
open("./ib_logfile0", O_RDWR) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)
write(2, "Operating system error number 2 "..., 53Operating system error number 2 in a file operation.
) = 53
write(2, "The error means the system canno"..., 59The error means the system cannot find the path specified.
) = 59
write(2, " xtrabackup: Fatal error: canno"..., 61 xtrabackup: Fatal error: cannot find ./xtrabackup_logfile.
) = 61

The backup runs fine, and this file (along with others) are in the target-dir.

Any insight into what the problem would be is appreciated.



  • cbergcberg Entrant Current User Role Beginner
    It seems the problem is due to the backup being a NFS data domain mount. If I put the backup directory onto local storage, the prepare runs fine. Are there any suggestions on NFS mount options for this scenario? We are a Oracle MySQL site evaluating Percona, and there isn't a problem with backup/restore of MySQL instance using the MySQL Enterprise Backup.

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