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Ubuntu 18.04 and Percona Cluster 5.7

mwarblemwarble ContributorCurrent User Role Supporter
I'm currently running Percona Cluster on Ubuntu 16.04 servers and would like to upgrade to Ubuntu 18.04; however, I have had no luck getting 5.7 to install on Ubuntu 18.04. It's a dependency error nightmare. I've search for a solution and while I found 1 or 2 posts here on the forums, none resolved the problem. Is there a well documented solution? If not, will this be resolved in the near future. Thanks.


  • Evgeniy PatlanEvgeniy Patlan Percona Percona Staff Role
    hi mwarble
    I was trying to reproduce the issue but without success.
    Could you please provide some logs to check your dependency issue?
  • mwarblemwarble Contributor Current User Role Supporter
    It' working now. Not sure what the problem was before. Thanks.
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