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Percona cluster failed to connect backend connection

Hi, i just install my percona cluster today with 2 node and load balancing. it seems fast and good after i tuned it, but theres some problem. after i restart my mysql, it didnt want to start, here is my log file

2016-10-13T07:44:43.129771Z 0 [Note] WSREP: view((empty))
2016-10-13T07:44:43.129980Z 0 [ERROR] WSREP: failed to open gcomm backend connection: 110: failed to reach primary view: 110 (Connection timed out)
at gcomm/src/pc.cpp:connect():162
2016-10-13T07:44:43.130481Z 0 [ERROR] WSREP: gcs/src/gcs_core.cpp:gcs_core_open():208: Failed to open backend connection: -110 (Connection timed out)
2016-10-13T07:44:43.130609Z 0 [ERROR] WSREP: gcs/src/gcs.cpp:gcs_open():1407: Failed to open channel 'testcluster' at 'gcomm://,': -110 (Connection timed out)
2016-10-13T07:44:43.130631Z 0 [ERROR] WSREP: gcs connect failed: Connection timed out
2016-10-13T07:44:43.130643Z 0 [ERROR] WSREP: wsrep::connect(gcomm://, failed: 7
2016-10-13T07:44:43.130650Z 0 [ERROR] Aborting

2016-10-13T07:44:43.130660Z 0 [Note] Forcefully disconnecting 0 remaining clients
2016-10-13T07:44:43.130668Z 0 [Note] WSREP: Service disconnected.
2016-10-13T07:44:44.130794Z 0 [Note] WSREP: Some threads may fail to exit.
2016-10-13T07:44:44.130823Z 0 [Note] Binlog end
2016-10-13T07:44:44.130956Z 0 [Note] /usr/sbin/mysqld: Shutdown complete

2016-10-13T07:44:44.142021Z mysqld_safe mysqld from pid file /var/run/mysqld/ ended
2016-10-13T07:46:31.000344Z mysqld_safe Starting mysqld daemon with databases from /var/lib/mysql
2016-10-13T07:46:31.010145Z mysqld_safe Skipping wsrep-recover for 2bddc3e4-90f3-11e6-b012-66a4be778af1:425 pair
2016-10-13T07:46:31.011705Z mysqld_safe Assigning 2bddc3e4-90f3-11e6-b012-66a4be778af1:425 to wsrep_start_position
2016-10-13T07:46:31.230036Z 0 [Warning] TIMESTAMP with implicit DEFAULT value is deprecated. Please use --explicit_defaults_for_timestamp server option (see documentation for more details).
2016-10-13T07:46:31.232209Z 0 [Note] /usr/sbin/mysqld (mysqld 5.7.14-8-57-log) starting as process 22401 ...
2016-10-13T07:46:31.235301Z 0 [Note] WSREP: Read nil XID from storage engines, skipping position init
2016-10-13T07:46:31.235325Z 0 [Note] WSREP: wsrep_load(): loading provider library '/usr/lib/'
2016-10-13T07:46:31.240039Z 0 [Note] WSREP: wsrep_load(): Galera 3.17(r447d194) by Codership Oy <[email protected]> loaded successfully.
2016-10-13T07:46:31.240111Z 0 [Note] WSREP: CRC-32C: using hardware acceleration.
2016-10-13T07:46:31.240562Z 0 [Note] WSREP: Found saved state: 2bddc3e4-90f3-11e6-b012-66a4be778af1:425
2016-10-13T07:46:31.241261Z 0 [Note] WSREP: Passing config to GCS: base_dir = /var/lib/mysql/; base_host =; base_port = 4567; cert.log_conflicts = no; debug = no; evs.auto_evict = 0; evs.delay_margin = PT1S; evs.delayed_keep_period = PT30S; evs.inactive_check_period = PT0.5S; evs.inactive_timeout = PT15S; evs.join_retrans_period = PT1S; evs.max_install_timeouts = 3; evs.send_window = 4; evs.stats_report_period = PT1M; evs.suspect_timeout = PT5S; evs.user_send_window = 2; evs.view_forget_timeout = PT24H; gcache.dir = /var/lib/mysql/; gcache.keep_pages_count = 0; gcache.keep_pages_size = 0; gcache.mem_size = 0; = /var/lib/mysql//galera.cache; gcache.page_size = 128M; gcache.size = 128M; gcomm.thread_prio = ; gcs.fc_debug = 0; gcs.fc_factor = 1.0; gcs.fc_limit = 16; gcs.fc_master_slave = no; gcs.max_packet_size = 64500; gcs.max_throttle = 0.25; gcs.recv_q_hard_limit = 2147483647; gcs.recv_q_soft_limit = 0.25; gcs.sync_donor = no; gmcast.segment = 0; gmcast.version = 0; pc.announce_timeout = PT3S; pc.checksum = false; pc.i
2016-10-13T07:46:31.260034Z 0 [Note] WSREP: Service thread queue flushed.
2016-10-13T07:46:31.260149Z 0 [Note] WSREP: Assign initial position for certification: 425, protocol version: -1
2016-10-13T07:46:31.260201Z 0 [Note] WSREP: wsrep_sst_grab()
2016-10-13T07:46:31.260210Z 0 [Note] WSREP: Start replication
2016-10-13T07:46:31.260226Z 0 [Note] WSREP: Setting initial position to 2bddc3e4-90f3-11e6-b012-66a4be778af1:425
2016-10-13T07:46:31.260342Z 0 [Note] WSREP: protonet asio version 0
2016-10-13T07:46:31.260501Z 0 [Note] WSREP: Using CRC-32C for message checksums.
2016-10-13T07:46:31.260554Z 0 [Note] WSREP: backend: asio
2016-10-13T07:46:31.260643Z 0 [Note] WSREP: gcomm thread scheduling priority set to other:0
2016-10-13T07:46:31.260780Z 0 [Warning] WSREP: access file(/var/lib/mysql//gvwstate.dat) failed(No such file or directory)
2016-10-13T07:46:31.260797Z 0 [Note] WSREP: restore pc from disk failed
2016-10-13T07:46:31.261654Z 0 [Note] WSREP: GMCast version 0
2016-10-13T07:46:31.261990Z 0 [Note] WSREP: (27fef24a, 'tcp://') listening at tcp://
2016-10-13T07:46:31.262008Z 0 [Note] WSREP: (27fef24a, 'tcp://') multicast: , ttl: 1
2016-10-13T07:46:31.262597Z 0 [Note] WSREP: EVS version 0
2016-10-13T07:46:31.262759Z 0 [Note] WSREP: gcomm: connecting to group 'testcluster', peer ','
2016-10-13T07:46:31.264461Z 0 [Note] WSREP: (27fef24a, 'tcp://') connection established to 27fef24a tcp://
2016-10-13T07:46:31.264488Z 0 [Warning] WSREP: (27fef24a, 'tcp://') address 'tcp://' points to own listening address, blacklisting
2016-10-13T07:46:31.264552Z 0 [Note] WSREP: (27fef24a, 'tcp://') connection established to 27fef24a tcp://
2016-10-13T07:46:34.265129Z 0 [Warning] WSREP: no nodes coming from prim view, prim not possible
2016-10-13T07:46:34.265218Z 0 [Note] WSREP: view(view_id(NON_PRIM,27fef24a,1) memb {
} joined {
} left {
} partitioned {
2016-10-13T07:46:34.765464Z 0 [Warning] WSREP: last inactive check more than PT1.5S ago (PT3.50289S), skipping check
2016-10-13T07:47:04.280984Z 0 [Note] WSREP: view((empty))
2016-10-13T07:47:04.281243Z 0 [ERROR] WSREP: failed to open gcomm backend connection: 110: failed to reach primary view: 110 (Connection timed out)
at gcomm/src/pc.cpp:connect():162
2016-10-13T07:47:04.281281Z 0 [ERROR] WSREP: gcs/src/gcs_core.cpp:gcs_core_open():208: Failed to open backend connection: -110 (Connection timed out)
2016-10-13T07:47:04.281398Z 0 [ERROR] WSREP: gcs/src/gcs.cpp:gcs_open():1407: Failed to open channel 'testcluster' at 'gcomm://,': -110 (Connection timed out)
2016-10-13T07:47:04.281433Z 0 [ERROR] WSREP: gcs connect failed: Connection timed out
2016-10-13T07:47:04.281453Z 0 [ERROR] WSREP: wsrep::connect(gcomm://, failed: 7
2016-10-13T07:47:04.281466Z 0 [ERROR] Aborting

2016-10-13T07:47:04.281481Z 0 [Note] Forcefully disconnecting 0 remaining clients
2016-10-13T07:47:04.281494Z 0 [Note] WSREP: Service disconnected.
2016-10-13T07:47:05.281674Z 0 [Note] WSREP: Some threads may fail to exit.
2016-10-13T07:47:05.281718Z 0 [Note] Binlog end
2016-10-13T07:47:05.281914Z 0 [Note] /usr/sbin/mysqld: Shutdown complete

2016-10-13T07:47:05.298227Z mysqld_safe mysqld from pid file /var/run/mysqld/ ended

and here is my my.cnf configuration at node 1 ( and not much diffrent beetwen node 1 and 2 )

port = 3306
socket = /var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock

# Here is entries for some specific programs
# The following values assume you have at least 32M ram

# This was formally known as [safe_mysqld]. Both versions are currently parsed.
socket = /var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock
nice = 0


user = mysql
pid-file = /var/run/mysqld/
socket = /var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock
port = 3306
basedir = /usr
datadir = /var/lib/mysql
tmpdir = /tmp
lc-messages-dir = /usr/share/mysql

bind-address =

#key_buffer = 16M
max_allowed_packet = 16M
thread_stack = 192K
thread_cache_size = 8
#myisam-recover = BACKUP
max_connections = 100
query_cache_limit = 1M
log_error = /var/log/mysql/error.log
slow_query_log_file = /var/log/mysql/mysql-slow.log
slow_query_log = 1
long_query_time = 2

server-id = 1
log_bin = /var/log/mysql/mysql-bin.log
expire_logs_days = 10
max_binlog_size = 100M
#binlog_do_db = include_database_name
#binlog_ignore_db = include_database_name

max_allowed_packet = 16M

#no-auto-rehash # faster start of mysql but no tab completition

#key_buffer = 16M

!includedir /etc/mysql/conf.d/







# MyISAM storage engine has only experimental support
innodb-strict-mode = 1
# This changes how InnoDB autoincrement locks are managed and is a requirement for Galera
innodb_flush_method = O_DIRECT
innodb_log_files_in_group = 2
innodb_flush_log_at_trx_commit = 1
innodb_file_per_table = 1

# Node #1 address

# SST method

# Cluster name

# Authentication for SST method

i hope someone can help, thanks


  • przemekprzemek Percona Support Engineer Percona Staff Role
    Moved this post as it was in wrong category.
    After restart, the node could not reach the other cluster nodes, probably none from the wsrep_cluster_address list was up. If this was the first node to restart, it should be bootstrapped.
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