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QAN Explain and Table information

dalomandaloman EntrantCurrent User Role Beginner

First of all, thanks to Percona for PMM, it's very useful instrument!

If there any possibility to fill database and table name fields automatically if they are already in query example?

[root@localhost ~]# pmm-admin info
pmm-admin 1.0.4-dev20160819.01df25a

PMM Server      |
Client Name     | localhost.localdomain
Client Address  |
Service manager | linux-systemd
[root@localhost ~]# docker ps
CONTAINER ID        IMAGE                                          COMMAND                CREATED             STATUS              PORTS                         NAMES
1f13b37b77bd        percona/pmm-server:1.0.4-dev20160819.2fe41fe   "/opt/"   56 minutes ago      Up 56 minutes>80/tcp, 443/tcp   pmm-server


  • carlos.salguerocarlos.salguero Percona Toolkit Developer Percona Staff Role

    DB and table names comes from parsing the slow log, not he queries itself.
    There is an option to not so send query examples at all, so we cannot parse queries and even if we could, for simple queries it might be doable for for queries having sub-queries it is not reliable.
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