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Backup MySQL database remotely

roylco06roylco06 EntrantCurrent User Role Beginner

Currently, we have 3 windows server with MySQL servers and planning to use XtraBackup to run the incremental database backup.

Would like to setup this kind of scenario;

1. Install linux in HyperV.
2. Install Extrabackup in Linux.
3. Run Extrabackup and configure incremental backup database remotely from 3 windows server.
4. And put the database backup file in network drive.

Anyone already did this?


  • przemekprzemek Percona Support Engineer Percona Staff Role
    The XtraBackup is designed to work only from the same host where the mysqld process is running, and unfortunately it cannot be a Windows machine. So, either migrate the database host to Linux or use other tools, like mydumper for instance.
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