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Tokumx process dies without warning

mfractalmfractal EntrantInactive User Role Beginner
Hi all.

We run a 3 member replicaset of tokumx 2.0.2 servers each with 60gb ram (r3.2xlarge instances)

Ever since upgrading to version 2.0.2 we get this random issue where the mongod process dies.
Last messages in tokumx.log are normal insert/update etc.

I see this in dmesg :

init: tokumx main process (4312) killed by SEGV signal

Please advise


  • luis.contrerasluis.contreras Member Inactive User Role Beginner

    - Could you upload the log for a member that experienced that situation?
    - When you found this issue, did you experience anything else like crashes of the primary member or secondary members?
    - Do you know what action was being performed on the server when that happened ?
    - Could you also upload output for "db.adminCommand('getCmdLineOpts')" from Mongo Shell?
  • mfractalmfractal Entrant Inactive User Role Beginner
    Hello. Sure. here's the information :

    Tokumx log prior and a few lines after i restarted the serer :

    When the issue happens, rest of the cluster is fine, it reconfigures itself and keeps on humming. (Although for some reason it takes the frontend .NET driver around 20 minutes to recover with the new configuration, which is another issue).

    Nothing out of the ordinary was being performed when it happened. And, as i mentioned, it happens around once a week randomly on different nodes of the replicaset.

    and lastly,

    imrs:SECONDARY> db.adminCommand('getCmdLineOpts')
    "argv" : [
    "parsed" : {
    "auth" : "true",
    "config" : "/etc/tokumx.conf",
    "dbpath" : "/toku/",
    "expireOplogDays" : 3,
    "keyFile" : "/toku/key",
    "logappend" : "true",
    "logpath" : "/var/log/tokumx/tokumx.log",
    "pluginsDir" : "/usr/lib/tokumx/plugins",
    "replSet" : "imrs"
    "ok" : 1
  • luis.contrerasluis.contreras Member Inactive User Role Beginner

    Nov 15 02:08:30 tokumx.log: Sun Nov 15 02:08:30.834 [conn1054034] command imads_db.$cmd command: { aggregate: "ad_stats_201511", pipeline: [ { $match: { offer_id: "559c052be21adc1b38e56aa7", date: 20151114 } }, { $group: { _id: { offer_id: "$offer_id", date: "$date" }, total: { $sum: "$hours.25.im_revenue" } } } ] } ntoreturn:1 keyUpdates:0 locks(micros) r:101915 reslen:132 101ms

  • mg2514416mg2514416 Entrant Inactive User Role Beginner
    good one awesome
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