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Load spike issue in PXC

abaraabara EntrantCurrent User Role Beginner
I have a PXC setup with 3 nodes in a two cluster groups with cross data center replication between two groups.My cluster setup is like below.
Attachment not found.
here Group1 is primary datacenter and we have replication from B3 to A3 (A3 is slave).
we have created a new DB(LBC1) in Group1 without replicating it into group2(ignored Db LBC1 in group2).
The problem is when we are doing the load test on GROUP1 on LBC1 database , we are facing high Load issue on A3 and load is normal on A1,A2.
configuration is same in all nodes.Please help me ,how to fix this load issue on node A3.
log-slave-updates is enabled in A3 & B1.


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