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winmysqladmin restore problem

garywwgaryww EntrantInactive User Role Beginner
Dear mysql forum expert,

I do installed the gui format of winmysqladmin at
it allows me to have new connection host name and username password, i get it
and click on the restore on the mysql admin
I tried to restore from the .sql file but can't success and unable to retrieve
based on os commerce >admin>backups>xxx.sql file. How about if i go to
Ensim pro of lunix server one to export the database of sql file and restore at
winmysqladmin. Might it able to do it like this to retrieve the database

thanks to let me know

Please help
My email: [EMAIL=""][email protected][/EMAIL]
My site:


  • xaprbxaprb Mentor Inactive User Role Beginner
    GUI tools are not a good way to take and retore backups in my experience. Perhaps Zmanda is a better tool for you. It wraps the command-line tools with a handy interface.
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