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System Info BUG 100% CPU

awebclusterawebcluster EntrantInactive User Role Beginner
I have a Cloudlinux server with Percona server 5.6 installed , i have just added the Agent and also the toolkit .... for some reason when i go to percona cloud under my account ( Configure -> Server -> System info ) a page opens .. it says loading please wait ... a awk process starts on my server and uses 100% of one thread ... and just hangs there using cpu ... i thought that it was gathering data at first .. but after 40 minutes .. the process was still using 100% cpu .. i hit the System info link 4 more times ... now my server was at 100% on 5 threads ... average of ( 50% - 60% Total Cpu used ) .... still i left them running ... just to see if anything happens in the end ( 20 minutes latex ) they wore still at 'work' :)) and i killed them ALL .

Any ideas ?



  • mirfanmirfan Database Administrator Inactive User Role Beginner

    Can you please upgrade to latest version of percona-agent 1.0.12 and let us know If that resolves the issue.
    Anyway, I can't recall if percona agent uses awk for "system info" It collects system info by running pt-summary tool from percona toolkit. You can found further details on pt-summary tool here
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