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pt-table-checksum: Recheck fixed chunk

utdrmacutdrmac EntrantInactive User Role Beginner
So I ran pt-table-checksum on one of our massive tables last night. (4,000 chunks of approx 94,000 rows each).

When I ran the report this morning, there was 1 chunk whose checksum didn't match that on master.

So I ran pt-table-sync with the --replicate option and it synced the values from 5 rows within that bad chunk. Excellent!

Now, how do I tell pt-t-c to go back and re-checksum just that one chunk and update the replicate table in all slaves?

Seems to me this should be a series of flags where I specify the table and chunk # and pt-t-c goes and re-checksums it.


  • martin.arrietamartin.arrieta Member Inactive User Role Beginner
    There is no option to do that, the only think that you can use "as a workaround" is to use the "--where" option and put the range or rows of the chunks there (you can check the range of the chunks in your report).

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