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Unable to sync due to ongoing replication errors.

dchicksdchicks ContributorCurrent User Role Beginner
After a huge upgrade from MySQL 5.0.86 to 5.5.23 over the last 24 hours, I have a few tables on a slave that have become out of sync. Replication is failing regularly. I'm attempting to use pt-table-sync to get the tables back into sync, but because of ongoing replication failures, the attempt to force them into sync also fails. I'm continuing to search for answers via Google, but if someone has a quick answer that can get me going again, it would be most helpful.



  • niljoshiniljoshi MySQL Sage Inactive User Role Beginner
    Hi Dave,

    I guess, first you need to resolve the replication issue because if replication is failed there is no use to run pt-table-sync again and again. It would helpful for troubleshoot the issue if you can provide replication error details with master/slave mysql versions and type of replication (statement, row, mixed).
  • dchicksdchicks Contributor Current User Role Beginner
    I should have returned here to close this issue, but in the midst of all the work I forgot. I never did find a "quick" answer to my problem. Instead, I ended up rebuilding my slave from a backup of the master then re-applying some changes from dump files. That cleared up the replication errors, as would be expected.

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