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Slave_SQL_Running: No

systemalisystemali AdvisorCurrent User Role Beginner
Hello Everyone,

I have followed the complete tutorial mentioned on this link :- _up_replication.html
that describes how to setup replication.

But when i check the status on the slave server i see this error :-

Slave_IO_Running: Yes
Slave_SQL_Running: No

Last_Errno: 1033Last_Error: Error 'Incorrect information in file: './newcrmdb/commonpool_lead.frm'' on query. Default database: 'newcrmdb'. Query: 'insert into commonpool_lead (salutation, firstname, lastname, email, mobile, city, description, services, ip, source, profile, leadfrom, state, grade, geocountry_code, geocountry, georegion, geocity, geolat, geolong, kwsearched, ref_url, searchengine) values ..etc.. etc......Seconds_Behind_Master: NULL</pre>

I have made sure Mysql on the slave server is running perfectly fine.

Can any one PLEASE help me resolve this issue !!!

Thank you


  • systemalisystemali Advisor Current User Role Beginner
    Highly surprising :(

    Even the mods of the board do not care to reply to to you expect to develop loyalty towards your program ? It is only with adequate online support that the company develops fan following and that leads to sales generation...

    I would highly appreciate if the mods could assist and it would be a great favor the users on board could chip in.

    Thank you all once again.
  • systemalisystemali Advisor Current User Role Beginner
    Hello !!!!!!!!

    Is some one looking at this thread ?

    Please assist, mods, Please !!!!
  • systemalisystemali Advisor Current User Role Beginner
    Hello Everyone,

    This issue of mine has come to rest and this thread can be laid to rest.

    Thank you
  • niljoshiniljoshi MySQL Sage Inactive User Role Beginner

    We already helped you to figure out the issue. For the further deep investigation, we really need command line with output for every steps which you are running to make replication setup.

    It would help us to investigate the issue. Thanks.
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