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Streaming Incremental Backup ?

systemalisystemali AdvisorCurrent User Role Beginner
Hello Everyone,

I believe i had not framed my question well in the last thread and hence i am rephrasing it once again.

I am able to generate remote backup very well using "innobackupex" described on this link :- _ibkx_stream.html

But I need to setup daily remote incremental backup, How can i set it up on"INCREMENTAL" basis in compressed format ?

ALSO, I need to receive Email after the completion of the backup.

Please assist me on setting up the above 2 requirements, PLEASE !!

Thank you once again !!


  • systemalisystemali Advisor Current User Role Beginner
    Update :-

    I would like to add up to the above information.

    I currently have REMOTE backup in "backup.tar" & "backup.tar.gz" format !!

    So, How can i make use of incremental backup using the link above and also receive an email notification of the same after completion ?

    PLEASE PLEASE assist !!!
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