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xtrabackup_55 not found

eulaersivaneulaersivan EntrantInactive User Role Beginner
I've installed xtrabackup through Yast on an Opensuse 12.1 system.

When running innobackupex, I get the error

sh: xtrabackup_55: command not foundinnobackupex: fatal error: no 'mysqld' group in MySQL options</pre>

I can only find /usr/bin/xtrabackup_51 and /usr/bin/xtrabackup_innodb55 on my system, but not xtrabackup_55.

When defining a symbolic link from xtrabackup_51 to xtrabackup_55, I don't get this error anymore. However I'm not sure if the backup is consistent and can be restored.

How should I solve this problem?



  • revinrevin Contributor Current User Role Beginner
    xtrabackup_55 should be part of the Yast package, I'm not thoroughly familiar with Yast though. xtrabackup_51 is different from xtrabackup_55, the former is for MySQL server not using InnoDB plugin, while the latter is for MySQL 5.5/Percona Server 5.5. xtrabackup_innodb55 on the other hand is not familiar, maybe check with the package maintainer?
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