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Removing files

HTF1HTF1 ContributorInactive User Role Beginner

Is it safe to remove the following files from MySQL data directory after successful backup:




  • martin.arrietamartin.arrieta Member Inactive User Role Beginner
    Some of those files are used to restore the backup or to make incremental backups for example.

    xtrabackup_checkpoints will store the LSN range of this backups. It is used for incremental backups..
    xtrabackup_binlog_info will contain the the bin log file and position when you made the backup. It will be useful if you want to create slaves from this backup
    xtrabackup_binlog_pos_innodb if the same as xtrabackup_binlog_info but only valid if you only have XtraDB of InnoDB tables.
    xtrabackup_binary xtrabackup used to make the backup.
    xtrabackup_logfile used to restore your backup.

    I don't understand why you might want to remove those files from a backup.. but not.. this is not recommended.

  • HTF1HTF1 Contributor Inactive User Role Beginner

    Thanks for reply.

    Basically I've restored slave server with Xtrabackup script. I'm not planning to use it any more on these server so I though I'll clean out these files from MySQL data directory.

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