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ibdata* files in wrong location for recovery?

dchicksdchicks ContributorCurrent User Role Beginner
I'm using XtraBackup 1.6.3. (I do realize there is a new version just out.) I'm also using the streaming option to create a gzipped archive of my backup via InnoBackupEx. When I recover the archive, I have an interesting issue. The ibdata* files get extracted directly into my /var/lib/mysql directory. However, on my server, they are located in /var/lib/mysql/innodb. Interestingly, to run the --apply-log step, I have to leave the files in /var/lib/mysql, then move them to /var/lib/mysql/innodb prior to starting my MySQL instance.

Would this be considered a bug of some sort? It certainly makes recovering from a backup less than straightforward. It took me a while to figure it out. Before that, I would recover and find that my database was unreadable.




  • xaprbxaprb Mentor Inactive User Role Beginner
    I would think this is worth reporting as a bug.
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