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Does the mysql Client API Library version have to match the installed MySQL/Percona server version?

wwjamieson3wwjamieson3 EntrantInactive User Role Beginner
I'm running Scientific Linux 6.3 (binary compaible with Redhat/CentOS/etc..) as a LAMP stack.

I've installed Percona server and client v5.5 from the Percona yum repository. However when I run phpinfo() I notice that under the MySQL and mysqli sections, it lists the Client API Library version as 5.1.66, and not 5.5x.

I'm guessing these need to match, at least to major versions, and I have no idea what the possible consequences of such a mismatch could be.

Do I need to revert to Percona server and client v5.1?

This is for a production environment so it needs to be right. I'd appreciate any input or experience people could offer.

(Note I will also be cross posting this on server fault as I need answers promptly)


  • percona.jayjpercona.jayj Percona Consulting Lead Percona Staff Role
    It's likely your php mysql client build that's using an old lib, but you shouldn't have to run a newer version.
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