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overhead in memory table

galitzgalitz EntrantCurrent User Role Beginner

Courtesy note: I first asked this question over at the Oracle mysql lists, but I did not get any replies.


We have a table using the memory engine and we notice in PMA that the overhead continues to grow over time. Normally we'd optimize with such an issue but that is not applicable to memory based tables. So... does this pose a problem for long term use of the table? If so, is there a recommended way to deal with it other than switch to a new table engine?

We are not experiencing any problems at this time, we are just trying to be proactive about it.



  • xaprbxaprb Mentor Inactive User Role Beginner
    Can you describe more about what you mean by "the overhead continues to grow" ?

    Even though the engine doesn't support OPTIMIZE, you can still do a no-op ALTER:

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