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Clean up binary log files

systemalisystemali AdvisorCurrent User Role Beginner
Hello Every one,

I have a my binary log files being logged at '/var/lib/mysql/' and it is occupying almost '110 GB' of web space.

I need to know, Can i go ahead and clear this off ? Or

What is the right way to clear this and will it have any impact on the server ?

I read on the internet, It does help in performance enhancements, But i need a second view.

Secondly,when i run the command :- "show variables like '%home%'"

mysql> show variables like '%home%';+
+| Variable_name | Value |+
+| innodb_data_home_dir | || innodb_log_group_home_dir | ./ |+
+2 rows in set (0.00 sec)</pre>

I do not see the location for the binary file mentioned in there :(, What does this mean ?

Can any one on board address both my queries ?

Thank you,


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