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PMM Server 2 Eats all memory


We are using pmm-server (1.x) for two years in one docker container with this specs:

8GB of RAM


23 clients configured ( almost 200 databases)

All the customers have configured pmm-agent with mysql.

All works perfect.

But we upgraded our container to pmm-server 2.11. After all the configuration, our docker container dies in 3 minutes.

After some research whe see with the same scenario can only configure 6 clients (pmm-admin). If we configure more than these, our containers eats all memory and docker kill the container (OOM)

Is there any option with version 2 i missing?

We are planning to rollback to the previus version of pmm. If we can take the same configuration with version 2

Attach our docker stats with 6 pmm-clients configured:



  • adivinhoadivinho Percona Percona Staff Role
    edited November 18

    Hi Rick,

    Prometheus will be replaced by VictoriaMetrics for metrics storing in the next pmm-server release.

    It will significantly reduce memory usage.

    pmm-server 2.12 is planed to be released in two weeks.

    Also I have linked your post to the ticket that is related to checking Memory Consumption with many nodes.

  • steve.hoffmansteve.hoffman Percona Percona Staff Role

    your consumption sounds really high...I'm monitoring 10 nodes and using ~750MB on my pmm-server container, our pmmdemo site is monitoring 30 nodes and only using about 4.2GB. We have a general recommendation here on sizing but it's definitely padded to be safe.

    I'm curious to know what's consuming all the memory, could you do the following and let us know:

    get a bash prompt inside the docker container: docker exec -it pmm-server bash

    and see what the main consumer of memory is: ps -aux

    That would at least give a place to start checking logs for something running haywire.

    My immediate questions would be around: scrape interval: do you have things collecting at the highest resolution? Have you installed any additional grafana plugins? How did you transition to PMM2 from PMM1: whole new server, sid-by-side. What is your retention period and how active are users in consuming the graphs?

    Those are all the things I can think of off the top of my head that would be the big offenders. VictoriaMetrics will certainly reduce the footprint but sounds like there's something else going wrong.

  • RickRick Current User Role Novice


    We created a new container following the pmm manual installation. We not installed any component/plugin to grafana. Only the components with the container.

    Here is the screen capture of ps -aux:

    Seams Prometheus is eating all the memory with this new version. Only two users can access to this server and the use is very lowest. May be access one time a day.

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