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Percona K8S Operator and XtraDB Backup Error with restore : xbstream: [ERROR] unknown option '--deco

GedasTSBGedasTSB Current User Role Contributor

Hello, this is my configuration in cr.yaml file

Container image:

The backup finish successfully when im running manually or by schedule:

To restore I'm using the script and im getting to error here xbstream: [ERROR] unknown option '--decompress' 

If I remove --decompress, yeah its finish this part but when it errors on this line:

xtrabackup --prepare --target-dir=/datadir.

If I remove this line, ok the restore finish successfully but then when I'm selecting the data it says that it's corrupted.

What I'm doing wrong?

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  • GedasTSBGedasTSB Current User Role Contributor

    Hello @spronin, thank you for answer, yes after I use older version it works.

    Do we have somewhere scripts or documentation how to run only databases backups in K8S, I mean Full + Incremental. As I see now it backups all cluster. Do we have an option backup per databases. I have different types of databases in one cluster, I want them backup differently one is more important then another?

  • sproninspronin Percona Staff Role

    Hello @GedasTSB,

    incremental backups are currently not supported by the operator. It is in the roadmap (see this JIRA issue:, but as long as Percona xtraDB backup does support that it is possible to make it work.

    Unfortunately it is the same for partial backups - supported by PXB, but not by the operator.

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