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Mixing Galera and MariaDB/MySQL replication

davidcdavidc Current User Role Novice

Hello, reading about it online, it appears we can use both Galera replication and native MariaDB/MySQL replication together. Can anyone confirm that this is correct?

I'm thinking of a scenario where Data Center A has 3 Galera nodes synchronously replicating with each other, and Data Center B also has 3 Galera nodes synchronously replicating with each other. Then between one node in Data Center A and one node in Data Center B we have MariaDB/MySQL asyncoronous replication, in master-master configuration so going both ways.

As I understand it we now have:

  1. Nice fast clusters for reads and writes in both data centers, which have redundancy within themselves if one node goes down.
  2. Redundancy between data centers, so even if all of A or all of B goes down the other data center will stay functioning.
  3. Under normal circumstances all nodes in both data centers have consistent data, or will within milliseconds of each other.

Have I missed anything - any potential problems? Thanks in advance for your advice.

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