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Incremential Backup to S3 possible with XtraBackup?

andrews2018andrews2018 ContributorCurrent User Role Contributor
edited October 9 in Percona XtraBackup


we have been trying to get XtraBackup to Minio (S3) with incremential to run.

With xbcloud or --stream=xbstream we always get the same Error

error: backup named backupname already exists!

Is this possible with xtrabackup 2.4 or does it only work with Swift as

that is the example in the documentation?

Thanks for any help!



  • matthewbmatthewb Senior [email protected] Percona Staff Role

    @andrews2018 Make sure you are on at least xtrabackup 2.4.14. Also, the error seems very straightforward. Can you try picking a different name for the backup?

  • Marcelo AltmannMarcelo Altmann Percona Staff Role


    At the documentation we show:

    xtrabackup --backup --stream=xbstream --extra-lsndir=/tmp --target-dir=/tmp | \
    xbcloud put --storage=s3 \
    --s3-endpoint='' \
    --s3-access-key='YOUR-ACCESSKEYID' \
    --s3-secret-key='YOUR-SECRETACCESSKEY' \
    --parallel=10 \
    ${date -I}-full_backup

    here, ${date -I}-full_backup is the backup name, which is treated as a PK for backups. Please choose a different name for each backup or append a timestamp to make it unique.

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