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"query_timeout" error

montassarmontassar Current User Role Novice


I see the following error in my java application logs

SqlExceptionHelper:146 - Query execution was interrupted, query_timeout exceeded

I tried to manually to run the following fix in all the proxysql pods

update global_variables set variable_value = 86400000 where variable_name = 'mysql-default_query_timeout';

but the error still exist and the action behind it takes few seconds to load and finish.

Do you know a solution to fix this error.

Also, how can I edit the proxysql configurations so I don't have to do it manually at each pod?




  • IvanPylypenkoIvanPylypenko Percona Staff Role

    Hello montassar

    Is the query expected to exceed the timeout?

    Unfortunately proxysql configuration could be updated only on pods.

  • MykolaMykola Percona Percona Staff Role

    please follow

    # Active current in-memory MySQL Variable configuration
    # Save the current in-memory MySQL Variable configuration to disk

  • IvanPylypenkoIvanPylypenko Percona Staff Role

    With 1.6.0 operator version release it will become possible to update proxy config via cr.yaml. Release is scheduled for Oct, 7th

    You can consider DB upgrade for such a feature.

  • montassarmontassar Current User Role Novice

    @IvanPylypenko thanks for the info, for now I'll just do it manually until version 1.6.0 get released.

    and for your question "Is the query expected to exceed the timeout?" the answer it's not suppose to !!


    Thank you for your suggestion, I run those command.

    The query is for a deletion action and it's still taking a long time to finish.

    But I'm not seeing the "query_timeout" error anymore but instead this one "Lock wait timeout exceeded; try restarting transaction"

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