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Working with Aiven to connect databases?

food_loverfood_lover Current User Role Contributor

Which databases do you work with? I'm thinking about buying a server for a project at university, but I don't know if it will pay off. Servers only have limited storage space, but databases are virtually infinite.

With Aiven it should even be possible to connect several databases. Is this true? What appeals to me is that the provider is cloud based and supports many of the most popular database systems. 

Would you work with such a provider? Actually I think that's a pretty good idea!


  • daniil.bazhenovdaniil.bazhenov Percona Admin Role, API
    edited September 29


    Are you asking a question?

    I will share my personal opinion. Aiven is DBaaS which will help you run the database in the Amazon and Google clouds. I think many are familiar with Aiven. I tried Aiven, it allows to get a database in the cloud quite quickly.

    However, if you have a project at university, why not use the free Amazon RDS or other free Amazon database services. Also, you will be interested to install the database yourself on a free Amazon EC2 or inexpensive VPS servers.

    I think that at the university, it would be a great idea to study software in depth, not to use ready-made solutions. You can install and configure Percona Distribution for MySQL/PostgreSQL/MongoDB. Connect PMM there for monitoring. Examine which parameters and indicators PMM shows for each database. And of course to develop the application in any programming language.

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