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How To Earn Points

Tom BasilTom Basil PerconaAdmin Role

Any of these six actions earn you points towards advancing in Rank:

  • You POST Anything                2 points
  • You Answer A Question FIRST        6 points
  • Your Answer is VOTED BEST By the One Who Asked    10 points
  • Anyone Votes Your Answer UP        1 point
  • Anyone Rates Your Answer AWESOME    2 points
  • You Add A PHOTO To Your Profile        10 points

See User Ranks Explained for the eight ranks awarded in the Percona Community Forum, and the point totals required for each.

A different scheme of ranks and points existed before September 2020.  However all “old” points have been grandfathered.  No old point totals were reduced even when earned for activities which no longer earn points.

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